Book your bike. If you’re new to SWERVE, you’re eligible for our Intro Pack (2 rides for $40). Once you have your class credits, head to the Schedule page to choose a class and reserve a bike. If you’re looking to book a private class or pre-book a group, see our Events Page.

Dress the part. Put on something you want to sweat in. Wear any shirt that lets you move on top and shorts or tight pants that will keep you clear of the wheels below. Some sweaty riders may remove their shirts during class but don’t worry, pants will always stay on. And don’t forget your socks (we’ll provide your shoes).

Fuel up. Eat something light a couple hours before class and hydrate throughout the day. For the ride, you’re welcome to fill your water bottle here or purchase a SmartWater when you arrive.




Tell us you're new. Introduce yourself at the front desk so that we know you’re here, can show you the bike chart, and can give you your complimentary SWERVE shoes. You can also grab complimentary earplugs, hair ties, and bobby pins, and we have SmartWater available for purchase.

Unload your stuff. Pick a locker in the lobby or in the locker rooms and drop any bags, shoes, or inhibitions you brought with you. No need to bring your own lock since each locker has one built in.

Stop by the bar. Our smoothie bar has a flavor for everyone, so place an order before class to have your post-ride fuel waiting for you when you walk out.



Head on down. In the studio downstairs, you’ll find all the bikes, each with a number on the front. Find the bike with your number on it (if you forget your number, just ask and we can remind you).

Settle in. Under the seat (“saddle”) of your bike, you’ll find 3-pound weights that you’ll use in the upper body portion of class. You can swap them for 2- or 5-pound sets at the front of the room, if you’d like. We also have seat cushions available, so just ask and we'll grab one for you. When you’re ready, clip your SWERVE shoes into the pedals of your bike (our TEAM can definitely help you with this your first–and second–time).

Light it up. The console on your handlebars is your personal dashboard for class. Press any button to turn it on. It shows you your SPEED (how fast you’re pedaling), GEAR (how heavy the wheel feels), and SWERVE Score (points that you’ll rack up during class as you work). The green knob between your knees controls the GEAR, so play around with that to get a feel for how turning it left and right changes the resistance.




Ride with rhythm. Your instructor will tell you an exact speed for each song. This helps you ride to the beat of the music, so try to match the speed on your console to the target speed.

Speed it up. You’ll also race against the other teams. This means the instructor will tell you a speed higher than the beat of the music and you’ll sprint as fast as you can for a set amount of time (usually between 15 and 60 seconds).

Score big. Periodically, your instructor will show you the team scores. The team score is the average of each individual’s SWERVE Score (what you see on your bike). This helps you gauge how your team is performing compared to the others, and how you are performing relative to your team (but only you know this, no one else sees your personal score).




Freshen up. Our locker rooms have showers, towels, and all the post-class products you need (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, lotion, deodorant, and hair dryers).

Cool it down. Grab a seat, a friend, and a smoothie, and take a few minutes to relax after your hard work. We love having you around, so stay as long as you’d like.

Check your inbox. Minutes after class, you’ll receive an email showing your personal ride stats, including calories burned, miles biked, SWERVE Score, class rank, and team rank. These will also be in your online SWERVE profile so that you can track your progress class-to-class. In the case of SWERVE Stats, there’s no such thing as too much bragging, so share your results on social to show your friends your hard work.

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