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“SWERVE IS a rhythm-based cycling experience with a hint of competition; it's a sanctuary where like-minded athletes are driven to reach their goals in a hot, sweaty room where the bikes don't move.”

From childhood to his days playing football at TCU, Rico has always had a love of sports and fitness, and teamwork is in his blood. He's a competitor, so expect his vibrant energy and love for hip hop to push you and your teammates to beat your personal bests. 

After following a path into finance, Rico switched gears and committed to a career in health and wellness. By sharing his knowledge of the body, his clients could learn more about themselves and develop a passion for their own strength – and that's why Rico is in this game. Once you've gotten a glimpse of your potential, you'll do whatever it takes to reach it.

Certificiations: Schwinn cycling certification; NSCA (CSCS); NASM (Personal Training) 



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