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“SWERVE IS the safe space where you always have a teammate on your side. It’s a community of warriors escaping the worries outside of the studio, alongside the rhythm of the music. We elevate beat by beat.”


Standing by the mantra “looking good means feeling sexy,” Coleman’s class is an experience that will help you tap into your full potential. Expect an electric soundtrack that is always current, with everything fresh in the pop world to the classics that keep things unpredictable.

Coleman landed in New York by way of the South, acting for TV & Film. A long time lover of cycling, Coleman entered the fitness world with a goal to have his riders getting lost and finding themselves, sometimes all within just one sprint. Choose to be YOUR strongest self, and the change as a TEAM is inevitable. 


Certifications: Schwinn Certified, Les Mills International RPM, Sprint & The Trip™


There are no bookable classes for Coleman at the moment


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