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No matter the day, time, or studio, every ride at SWERVE is about working as a team to push yourself as individuals. There’s always competition, teamwork, and fun. So why do we host challenges throughout the year? Read on to find out…




SWERVE’s vision is to elevate lives through teamwork, so every day we look for more ways to do that. Our Founders cracked one code: if people work as a team towards a collective goal in a fitness class, they’ll work harder, get stronger, feel more confident, and create authentic connections off the bike.


With that in place, our job now is to keep stepping up our game so your can step up yours.


In March 2015, we introduced SWERVE Madness. We challenged our community to team up with a friend for one month of dedicated hustle. The response was incredible and the stories we heard afterwards confirmed that this challenge had definitely elevated lives. We’ve continued to host challenges over the past 2 years and every one we host is informed by the last. SWERVE Madness 2017 is no exception.




Our last challenge was our inaugural SWERVE League. Each instructor led a team of 6 riders through the month. Together, those 66 riders took 2,582 classes in the first month of the year and they saw amazing results.


When we asked for their League highlights, the responses were inspiring to say the least:

"It helped keep me really positive all month, I truly looked forward to my Saturday mornings because I knew I was gonna have a blast, feel good, and be with my team."

"I never thought I'd be able to take multiple classes a day, but my team pushed me and encouraged me along the way."

"Breaking way beyond my goals."

"I feel stronger. I've lost a lot of weight. Going up and down stairs and walking is physically easier. My stress/anxiety is much more under control."

"Meeting new fit friends and bonding over competition. December was my first month of unlimited and I don't think I spoke to a single soul - I'm shy, so this forced me to be social and talk to people I recognized in the studio."

"Hitting Personal Best scores more than once! Seeing my number on the board as Team Leader."

"Getting to know other SWERVEers and staff."

"I was able to increase my score and hit 1000 in a few of the 45-minute classes"

"We all went to brunch after a class, and it was great to sit back and connect with people!"

"My score went up 200 points from start of Holiday Hustle (at the end of November) to end of SWERVE League"

"Yes! Doubles became a standard for my Saturdays mornings which I never thought possible (hello jello legs!)"


"I definitely have more natural energy now."







Because they had a team at their side all month, our Leaguers pushed themselves beyond their perceived limits. Together, they got stronger, and that strength was felt across all areas of their lives.

In SWERVE Madness, you have the opportunity to team up with just one other person, while still getting to know other members of the challenge – think: a kickoff event and recovery workshop, designated “Madness” rides, and an off-the-bike event mid-month to get to know other riders. Plus, tons of ways to win ride packages and little perks along the way.


Ready to take on the challenge?


Register solo or with a teammate here.



Posted Feb 21, 2017

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