Being engaged to be married sounds like a blast. Suddenly, your I’ll-be-alone-forever fears are gone, you have an excuse to drink celebratory champagne at any and all times, and you finally have updates to share when people ask “what’s new with you?” at family reunions. It’s all fun and games until you remember that photographs of this one day won’t disappear in a feed like all other pictures of you from the past 10 years. No, no. They’ll be on your mantle (and your parents’) for the rest of your life. So some would say there’s a little bit of pressure to look your best for your wedding.


As with many brides- and grooms-to-be, Cara McCormick found herself engaged and wanting to get fit. But Cara wasn’t interested in a quick fix or crash diet. Instead, she saw this as an opportunity to change her lifestyle. It was a chance to make a positive change that would help her look great for her wedding and would last long after the big day. So she weighed herself, measured her body composition, and searched for a workout that would help her achieve her goals.


As she browsed LinkedIn one day, Cara came across Dyan Tsiumis, an instructor she’d met several years before at a corporate fitness center. She remembered Dyan’s “energy that combines a good butt-kicking with some sass,” so she did what one does on LinkedIn and kept on digging. Cara landed on the SWERVE website and decided she had to try out this team concept; maybe this could be just what she needed to put a spark in her workout.


“I had been exercising for so long on my own that I forgot how fun it was to be on a team. The social aspect of SWERVE motivates you to not only work harder for yourself, but also for others.”


Cara was immediately hooked and began taking classes regularly with her fiancĂ©. They set individual goals to track their progress and kept friendly competition between the two of them. In addition to adding regular exercise to her regimen, Cara knew she also needed to reduce the junk and fuel her body for her workouts. With a better diet, she felt stronger before, during, and after working out, so she knew it was all worth it.  


“Eating right was no longer a struggle, it was a new habit.”


When it came time for the big day, Cara looked and felt her best. She and her groom even decided to forgo the traditional vows and announced “together, we ride!” at the altar instead. (Okay, so they didn’t really do that, but we can all dream, right?)


Even better than the gorgeous pictures from their wedding is how she still feels every day. She’s maintained a regular workout schedule and has kept off the 15 lbs that she lost “without much of a thought.” She revamped her lifestyle in and out of the studio to achieve her goals and be her best self. And that’s what we call swervification.

Posted Mar 30, 2015

Tagged: Testimonial

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