It's a family thing: TEAM SWERVE Gives Blood on Monday


Every day at SWERVE, we come together and push our bodies to get stronger. And every day, we remind ourselves not to take the ability to do that for granted. As we are filled with gratitude for the healthy bodies we have, we turn our attention to those who aren’t so lucky.

Janis Deedy, whom you know as one of our Assistant Studio Managers at Flatiron, has a special connection to blood donations, so has organized a TEAM SWERVE outing at the American Red Cross. Read on for more on the Deedy family’s story and join us on Monday, February 8th at 520 West 49th Street to donate. TEAM SWERVE will be there at 5:30pm, but donations are accepted 2-7pm.

Written by Janis Deedy:


Imagine walking into the hospital to visit your family member who has lost a significant amount of blood. Their skin is pale–almost translucent. Their eyes seem lifeless, and their body looks like just skin and bones. I’ve experienced this.

But the moment they get blood, life is put back into their body. Everything restarts and color is brought back into their face. My sister is a fighter and she bounces back every time, but what if the options weren’t there for her? What if your loved one came in during a blood shortage from a horrible event? I want to avoid that from ever happening to a single person.

At age 12, my sister Jenna was put into Mass General Hospital for several months. At first, doctors had no idea what was wrong with her, but after many weeks they diagnosed her with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. The disease affects the entirety of her intestinal tract and can cause severe bleeding. Doctors have even told us that the pain she experiences when out of remission is said to be worse than childbirth.

Yet after all of the suffering she has experienced, she still goes to school and trains marine animals. She has a special connection to these rescued animals and seeing her work with dolphins, turtles, and manatees fills me with so much happiness.


The shelf life of blood is only 42 days, and hospital need that supply on hand in case any emergency circumstances arise. If someone is in a car accident they need up to 100 pints of blood, and when you donate it’s 3 pints! This is why it is vital everyone donates when/if they can. Blood cannot be reproduced or manufactured in a lab so it’s incredibly important for people who can donate to do it.


Here at SWERVE we are a team. We ride together. We struggle together. We achieve together. Together, we can help save lives–to give hope. When I looked at the February calendar and saw Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to for our team to do something great! We are very giving community so why not give the most important gift that cannot be reproduced in a lab?


Posted Feb 4, 2016

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