Dynamic, motivating, and composed are three words that describe both an awesome instructor and an amazing school teacher. Coincidentally (or not), Skyler is both of these, so when he’s not educating 7th graders, he’s getting his #SWERVEon (or winning triathlons).

Read more about the guy who has more energy than your venti red eye on Monday morning.


How did you get into cycling?


When I was in college, my mom belonged to a gym down the road and she convinced me to take a few classes when I was home for break – we’re talking like two or three times total.


Then earlier this year, I walked into SWERVE, took a class, and immediately went up to Chelsea and asked “how do I get involved?” – I knew I had to be a part of this.




What do you love about SWERVE?


I love the team concept. Whenever I take a class, I’m the guy whooping in the back like “Lets do it!” It’s not often that you get to be part of an endurance sport and still have that camaraderie. But at SWERVE you’re on a team, and you can play off of others’ energy and I love that.


What’s your favorite thing about being an instructor?


I love the teaching aspect and helping people work harder than they think they can. As a teacher, I look out on the floor and see people nail it on a 60-second push just at that moment when they thought that they couldn’t make it through one more song.


That moment, plus getting to be a DJ, is why I do this every day.  


How does your teaching background inform your work at SWERVE?

I try to put myself in the rider’s shoes. I constantly ask myself: What do I need to say for them to have the most successful ride? So I count everything in and out, telling you what you need to know before it happens. It might be over-narration, but I want to make sure people feel successful in my classes.


The thing about teaching is that it’s 80% planning, 20% execution. When it comes to my playlists, I’ve listened to everything a dozen times before I step foot in the studio so I know the ride by heart. At SWERVE, there are a lot of things going on – the races, the music, my iPad. In order to stay in the moment, I have to make sure everything is ready to go before the ride.




Did you ever play team sports?


Yup. I played soccer through high school, plus a season of track and some lacrosse.

In college, I burned out on soccer, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the lacrosse team so I went out for running. I ran all three seasons, all four years as a varsity athlete. I still run pretty much every day. I got into triathlons around that time, too, so during the summers now, I do some of those. Editor’s note: Skyler doesn’t just “do some of those” – he has actually WON some of those, he just won’t brag about it.



How do you motivate yourself for early morning classes?


One thing that gets me ready to get up and start the morning is core work. As soon as my body starts to warm up, my mind starts to warm up. I start with push-ups, because you’re facing down (if you lie on your back to do crunches, you’ll go back to sleep), then do pull-ups, crunches, etc. Just get out of bed and do some quick work–that’s my advice.





Have you ever saved an entire family while their house was on fire: Haha...not yet!


My first email address was: SkyDemon87. That’s badass right? You see that in your inbox and you think, I’m not gonna mess with this guy.


At weddings, I’m the one: On the dance floor. All night long.


My middle school backpack was: LL Bean – light blue with my name on it.


The theme ride I’m dying to lead: Oldies ride. Beatles, Temptations, Motown. Let’s do it.


My guilty pleasure TV show is: None. Don’t have cable.

Check out one of his playlists HERE



Posted Nov 4, 2014

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