SWERVE Tri Club 2017


The SWERVE Tri Club is back for a second summer of training, competing, and celebrating all the wins - big and little. Join us this summer and surprise yourself with what you can do when you step outside your comfort zone with a team at your side.


The program will be scalable to match your level and will give members access to:


  • Weekly training plans to prepare you for 1 or both of the races that the team is competing in this summer

  • Organized group training activities on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings (all events are optional, come to as many as you want to / can)

  • Partnership rates at a local pool and bike shop

  • Experienced leaders to coach you through race day logistics and answer all of your questions

  • Travel coordination for race day

  • A team to keep you motivated, accountable, and enjoying every minute of the process

  • Wednesday 4/19 at 6pm (Midtown) & Saturday 4/22 9am (Flatiron): Q&A with the Tri Club Leaders to learn more about triathlons and the Tri Club (all are welcome to attend - whether you've registered yet or not)
  • Wednesday 4/26: Deadline to register for the Tri Club
  • Wednesday 5/1: Training plan begins! 
  • Sunday 6/25: Sleepy Hallow Tri
  • Sunday 8/27: Tobay Tri*
*some athletes will choose to compete in both races, others will just choose one. It's completely up to you and you don't need to commit one way or the other to us


  • The cost to enroll in the program is $99
  • We'll be competing in the following races: SLEEPY HALLOW on JUNE 25TH, TOBAY on AUGUST 27TH
  • To ask any questions at all, email us at triclub@swervefitness.com



  • What do I get from signing up?
    • When training begins, you will receive a regimen for the coming weeks. It will include recommended workouts for each week as well as details on group activities (e.g. a run on the Westside Highway, a group swim at the YMCA in Flatiron, a transition workshop, or a SWERVE Ride + jog around the hood).
    • This program is a jumping off point, and you can make it what you want, depending on your schedule and goals. Some team members will be following it closely, and others will take it as a suggestion. We’re cool with whatever you want to do!
    • We will have a Facebook group where we can coordinate workouts. TEAM SWERVE will post about organized activities. If you're planning to train and want a running buddy, post it in the group, or if you’re renting a bike to train in Central Park, invite others to join you.
  • Why Tri?
    • People love tirathlons for many reasons. Here are a few:
      • It sounds badass to say that you've completed one (or two, or five)
      • Training for a tri is a way to give your summer fitness a structure and some goals
      • With 3 different sports, it's an endurance race but split up into sections, so it's perfect for setting smaller goals and celebrating little wins
      • Race day is an unbelievable experience - so much energy, people of all levels and backgrounds coming together to challenge themselves
  • What is a sprint triathlon actually like?
    • They typically start early in the morning. You arrive, pick up your registration materials, and set up the station where you'll come between legs of the race.
    • When it's your age group's turn, you'll get set up by the water to begin the race.
    • The swim is first. Half mile (so anywhere from 15-30 minutes for most people). After that, we bike - about 9 miles. You'll put your shoes on, hop on your bike, ride it out, and come back and drop your bike off. Finally, time to run. 5k or 3.1 miles. You find whatever fuel you have left in the tank and run it out.
    • When you finish, you feel amazing. It's usually 9am or so, and you've already done something many people have on their bucket list. That's when you celebrate with your team.
  • But I basically sink in a pool...
    • Totally fine! We can fix that. Because Skyler spent years as a schoolteacher, he knows the ropes of starting from scratch on a new skill.
    • By teaching proper form, helping you perfect triathlon-specific techniques, and giving you drills to build up your endurance, Skyler (and the team) will be right there with you.
  • Is it awkward that my "run" is most people's "jog"?
    • Nope. There are people at triathlons running at all paces and the training program can be scaled for any level. You've gotta start somewhere, and we think the beginning's a pretty good place.
  • How much of a time commitment is this?
    • Up to you. The training program will include a guide of workouts for each week, with 2 organized events each week (e.g. planning to take a certain SWERVE ride or going for a jog in Central Park).
    • You're welcome / invited to join all of the events, but they're completely optional.
    • Skyler and the Team SWERVE members in the club will be training together consistently and would love to have as many people join as possible.
    • To succeed in a triathlon, it's important to be prepared. That being said, the intensity of your training is up to you.
  • How much money am I spending here?
    • The cost to join the Club is $99
    • If you don’t own a bike, there are tons of places to rent from in the city for around $10/hour or $60/weekend. If you want to purchase a bike, SWERVE Tri Club members get a special rate at Danny's Cycles in Flatiron.
    • We have arranged a deal with the YMCA (which has a full gym and pool at their Flatiron location) for a, month-to-month membership for SWERVE Tri Club members - no iniation fee (usually $125) and access to all YMCAs in the city
    • The registration fee for a race varies and we will let you know when they are announced. Our selected races are easy to get to, but please note you will be responsible for covering your transportation and registration fees for races.
Posted Apr 10, 2017

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