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Among our SWERVE riders, there’s no shortage of ambitious, driven, and inspiring individuals pursuing a huge range of personal and professional goals. One group that continues to shine is our SWERVE Entrepreneurs. They’re relentless in their hard work and the dedication they show to their startups is incredible. And despite the intense demands of being founders, they still find a way to get their #SWERVEon every week. As we know from our beginnings at SWERVE, it all starts with an idea. Add a little faith, a lot of a support, and countless hours of hard work, and that idea can become a reality. Many of our riders are on this entrepreneurial journey and we want to share their stories with you.


First up: Terry and Alex White, founders of WOLACO. They’re brothers, business partners, and workout buddies who entered into the world of active apparel one year ago and they haven’t looked back.


As former collegiate athletes, their first product was inspired by living an active, urban lifestyle, emphasizing an efficient combination of function and design in their gear. They’ve seen incredible success so far and are already looking ahead to what’s next. With more products, direct-to-consumer shopping on their website, and a collaboration with NY Giants running back Rashad Jennings, their second year is sure to be as exciting as their first.


With their minds on their business and their business on their minds, how do they continue to live out the ethos of their brand by maintaining a healthy lifestyle?


Alex: It’s about balance, discipline, and staying organized.


Terry: I have done my best to adapt to my unpredictable schedule by being creative with my workouts and 6AM rides at SWERVE, of course. As I like to say, what other plans do you have at six in the morning?


As an active apparel brand, they’ve seen more types of exercise than most people ever will, but we’re lucky enough to be considered their go-to studio. What is it that they’ve found here that keeps them coming back?


Alex: There's something about the combination of awesome music, competition, and teamwork that elevates the SWERVE workout to a different level. I push myself at SWERVE like I used to on the lacrosse field.


Terry: The efficiency of the experience is probably the number one draw for me. It allows me to get a great high intensity workout in a compact window of time. The classes are super competitive but it's also made very clear that we're all in it together, which I think is an environment that is hard to find in the city.


The competitive nature of the SWERVE ride has given them an easy way to coordinate working out together, a place to clear their minds for 45 minutes, and of course to get some fresh material for their lifelong brotherly banter. Who knew that a “height advantage” would seriously be brought up as a handicap that should be considered when comparing SWERVE Scores?


Every single day, these two exemplify what it means to SWERVIFY your life. Their teamwork, commitment, and no excuses mentality has brought them to where they are, and we can’t wait to see where they go next. Learn more about WOLACO and shop their products at wola-co.com.  



Terry’s current go-to workout song: Elastic Heart by Sia... I don't see this sticking at #1 for very long though.

When Alex isn’t at WOLA or SWERVE, you can find him: tutoring chemistry (brains AND brawn – what more can you ask for?)


Are you a SWERVE Entrepreneur? If so, no matter what industry you’re in, we want to hear about your business and fitness journey! Email us at info@swervefitness.com to introduce yourself.


Posted Jun 29, 2015


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