This January, we began to encourage our riders to SWERVIFY their lives. Is to SWERVIFY just an ideal, theoretical process? Or are there real steps to be taken and real results to be achieved?

We took it upon ourselves to talk to our TEAM to hear about their experiences. We asked them how they have SWERVIFIED their lives and how working at SWERVE has influenced them. We were overwhelmed by their powerful and inspiring responses. Here are just a few of our favorites…


Many team members referenced the benefit of goal-setting with SWERVE:


  • I hold myself to a new standard with every goal I reach – be it my next highest score in class or reaching new milestones in other areas in my life. - Jamey, TEAM SWERVE

  • I set new goals and I work for them, I give everything I have and focus on achieving them – now, without procrastination. - Seth, INSTRUCTOR

  • I challenge myself to reach my goals, I learn from my mistakes on and off the bike, and I try to empower those around me in as many ways as I can. - Sydney, TEAM SWERVE

  • At SWERVE I am part of a community of goal-setters, athletes, and teammates who are driven to push their limits. - Maggie, TEAM SWERVE

  • Goals. There is always something to work towards in life. Whether it be a 15-second push kind of goal or a new SWERVE Score PR kind of goal, setting and gettin' after it helps to move life to new heights. - Skyler, INSTRUCTOR





And others talked about the improvement in their physical fitness:


  • Working at SWERVE has lit a new fire in my love for fitness; I really love what I do and love working with people who do too! - Candace, INSTRUCTOR

  • I would have never kept the motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle if it wasn’t for working at SWERVE. My peers, team leaders, founders, clients, fellow riders all help me hold accountabile and continue to grow and better myself. - Jaimie, TEAM SWERVE

  • I challenge myself to work harder. I know it might be difficult and at times feels like more than I can take, but then I remember there is only 15 seconds left on that clock  and hard times don’t last forever. So I. Push. Harder. - Seth, INSTRUCTOR





Several responses focused on the positivity that they felt at SWERVE:


  • SWERVE has made waking up before the sun enjoyable. It's not a job, it's a lifestyle. Being surrounded by positive people is what keeps us going and makes us better. - Colleen, TEAM SWERVE

  • Working at SWERVE has pushed me to be better – as an instructor, a co-worker, and a friend. Being surrounded by such amazing and positive energy lifts me up and motivates me to continue striving to take things to the next level! - Andy, INSTRUCTOR

  • I get to work with and meet people who love fitness and value bettering themselves. There's nothing better than that! - Eric, CO-FOUNDER

  • Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. And it happens faster when you have a team pushing you there! - Dyan, INSTRUCTOR

  • My life has been completely SWERVIFIED in the last 8 months working at SWERVE because it was something I never thought I could do, and because of the people and the energy at SWERVE, my whole life changed for the better. Smiling through the sweat is impossible not to do with a team like this!!! We make goals and we reach them together! How awesome is that, not only in fitness, but in every aspect of our life?! - Kate, INSTRUCTOR







And almost all responses connected SWERVE to their overall lifestyle:


  • I had not worked out in years and then I took my first SWERVE class and my life was SWERVIFIED forever. I began working out consistently, I made healthier choices throughout the day (thanks to the amazing smoothie bar for post workout energy!), and I finally quit smoking cigarettes! - Jaimie, TEAM SWERVE

  • I view every experience as an opportunity to better myself and the people around me, I do all things with passion, and I find immense joy in the ability to be a part of something that I believe in. - Kelly, TEAM SWERVE

  • Working at SWERVE is an escape from my hectic schedule that is inevitable with being a law student, and I thoroughly enjoy coming to work and being around such motivated, inspirational, and kind people. It doesn't get better than the SWERVE family! - Sydney, TEAM SWERVE

  • I wake up excited to work toward my goals and pursue my passions. I share my enthusiasm for life with others because happiness is contagious. And I never settle for anything less than excellence. The bar is always set just out of reach so that I constantly stay motivated to give that extra effort and tap into the greatness within. - Andy, INSTRUCTOR

  • I've SWERVIFIED my life because my goals aren't related to the size of my jeans, but based on my strength. After recovering from my bicycle accident a few years back, I had lost my ability to do simple tasks, but I realized that my strength is deeply ingrained in who I am. I'm so thankful for that experience to show me what I'm able to overcome through strength, and I'm so thrilled to have an outlet to share it with a community I'm proud to be a part of. - Halston, INSTRUCTOR



Posted Jan 11, 2015


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