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Meditation Now (and Always) by Dyan

Oh HEYYYY! Now that I don't have your cheeks in the saddle, screaming at you from the podium, I have a bit of time to write to you. I understand that being homebound can feel really challenging – because it IS. You’re going to have a multitude of online/at home workouts to choose from (I’ll post those too), but what I’ve found over the years is that while moving my body is a must, so is quieting my mind. For me, meditation is key to feeling whole. 

YES, I meditate daily. I get the question all the time, “YOU, meditate?!” Most of you see me high energy, leading fitness classes, working out, running around the city – but for me, to be able to do that, getting centered is a must. I do a gratitude meditation in the evening and a manifesting meditation in the morning.

I share with you all what works for me, so here it is…meditation is what works for me. 

I love certifications, mostly so I can understand different modalities fully. I could tell you that I feel calmer, more centered more at ease and for me that’s real because I experience it, BUT there are also scientific studies that prove it.

Hundreds of studies have been done showing that meditation has been proven to: 

Reduce Stress
Control Anxiety
Promotes Emotional Health
Enhances Self Awareness
Lengthens Attention Span
May reduce Age Related Memory Loss
Can Generate Kindness
Help Fight Addictions
Improves Sleep
Helps Control Pain
Decrease Blood Pressure

I totally get that; it’s “hard to sit”, that your “thoughts race”, that maybe you’ve “tried and can’t do it”. I’ve been there and used all the same excuses, but I also used these excuses for working out back in the day until I figured out how awesome that made me feel. I kept at it, it became a habit, and now there are no more excuses (ok, well maybe sometimes!).

To help ease you in, I’ve recorded a 10 minute meditation that you can download and listen to – here.

Now’s the time to create helpful habits that maybe you’ve put off for too long. We all have time, so take 10 minutes and give it a try today. Find a comfy seat and go ahead, press play. 

I’m sending happy & healthy vibes your way!

Posted Mar 19, 2020

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