June Challenge 2017

In the final 2 weeks of the month, we challenge you to put your stamp on summer. Think: bingo meets SWERVE meets setting small goals and achieving little wins. 

How it works: pick up a card at the studio anytime. Your card will have 25 tasks, each worth one stamp. Starting Wednesday 6.14, accumulate stamps to get 5 in a row on your board.

Every stamp is a little win, bringing you closer to a reward: 
Five in a row (column, row, or diagonal): receive a ride and smoothie on us  
For every additional set of five: receive another ride on us 
Fill the board: receive a SWERVE tee or tank 

Submit your card to marketing@swervefitness.com on 6.30 to receive your reward(s). 


Posted Jun 14, 2017

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