Julia's Cross-Country Ride for Parkinson's


Dear SWERVE Fam,


As some of you may have noticed, I am off the SWERVE schedule for most of June - here's why: 


As a life-long athlete, medical student, and outdoor enthusiast, I have come to find myself inspired by the power of movement to heal mind and body alikeMy experience this past year working at NYU and seeing firsthand the dramatic benefits of exercise for Parkinson's Disease inspired me to fundraise and bring more awareness to the potential of exercise as a preventative measure in neurodegenerative disease. 


Next week, I will be embarking on a cross-country bike trip – well, ALMOST cross-country, I will be starting in Utah. As of now, the cross-country initiative has raised $14,500, and that number continues to grow as the ride encroaches.


I am also incredibly excited that 8 different individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease will be joining me for segments of the ride!


First and foremost, I want to thank each all of you. From website design (shout-out to my man Andrew Becker!) to organizing the SWERVE charity ride I hosted in late May (which alone raised $5k), to the endless joy and motivation that you all add to my already deep love of cycling – the SWERVE fam at large has been there helping to make this possible all along the way.


So cheers to you! Stay strong, stay happy, and stay SWERVING through this month! I will be there in spirit, staring down in awe of your rhythm and your SWERVE score. And if I don’t get to see you in my classes at Midtown before I go, I will most certainly see you in July.


With love,



Posted Jun 7, 2018

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