Kate Fahey (left) with her sister 


Kate Fahey was living the life that many women in their late 20s in New York know all too well. She enjoyed exploring the city with friends, which often meant eating and drinking their way through the weeks. But as she scrolled through her Instagram feed, she kept noticing her friend Andy Harris posting pictures at a place called SWERVE. Seeing the energy and joy that he had at this place, she couldn’t help feeling like something was missing for her.


“I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.”


Having never taken a cycling class before, she thought a team-based environment would not only make her feel more comfortable, but it would also push her to really give it her all. So she signed up for her first class and she never would have predicted how she felt after.


“My body immediately thanked me for all of it. As soon as I was done I thought ‘When can I do this AGAIN?’”


Kate quickly found that her priorities were shifting. It was important to her that she feel her best before, during, and after her ride, so she adjusted her lifestyle accordingly.


“Since starting down my new fitness path I quit smoking (because you CANNOT have your best ride if you can’t breathe) and it was a wonderful excuse to finally make myself quit.”


“I also cut way back on how much I was drinking. It just felt so counterproductive almost immediately.”


“I was sleeping better and felt ready to take on the day.”


There’s no question that Kate has SWERVIFIED her life, and we couldn’t be more excited for her. She has made changes that once felt like sacrifices but now feel like opportunities and feels the benefit of them every day. She knows what it takes to flip that switch, so we’ll leave you with her words of advice:


“I would say START ANYWHERE!! Start from wherever you are because doing SOMETHING is 100% better than doing nothing. Keep challenging yourself and find things that excite you and run with them. I always try to find the play, it makes you feel like a kid again and it makes you WANT to do it, instead of it feeling like an obligation. And do it ESPECIALLY if you don't feel like it – those are the moments when you can really find your strength and take pride in yourself.”



Posted Apr 20, 2015

Tagged: Testimonial

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