Erinn Shares Her Story of Losing Weight, Gaining Confidence, and Finding Her Place


Team: Meet Erinn. After discovering SWERVE last spring, she began to ride almost daily and quickly became more than just a familiar face — in no time, she was an integral part of our community. Erinn's weight loss journey recently surpassed 70 pounds. We are grateful to have her as a part of our community and excited to share her story with you today.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! Were you always active as a kid?


Hi! I grew up in South Florida and was a really inactive kid. In high school, I took gym online—I promise I’m not lying, I really took gym online. Of course, instead of run the mile I’d sit inside and do something else entirely.


When I was eighteen, I moved to Boston for college. I started walking around a lot, but I always lagged behind the rest of my friends. Then I broke my foot in September 2014 and was in a wheelchair for a few months, which was right around the time I moved to NYC. For my first few months in New York, I wasn't active at all. I didn't go to the gym, didn't think about balanced meals, and spent a lot of my time lounging around.


In the summer of 2016, a long term relationship I had been in ended. I said to myself, "for the next twelve months, I'm going to focus on me." So I went out and cut my hair. I took myself to the spa. I started going to the gym, and fell in love with endorphins. After a while of finding myself, though, I knew I needed to add something else. I just wasn't sure what.


2. How did you hear about SWERVE?


Around this time, I had a friend on Facebook who wrote about how she lost 50 lbs at a spin studio. I was shockedand to be honest, a little scared. I'd never learned how to ride a bike!


But on her recommendation, I decided to try out her spin studio. I liked it, but I wanted to actually see what gear I was on, and I felt I didn’t connect with the instructors’ playlist.


So I started looking at spin studios in NYC and tried out a lot of them. One day, while walking out of my office in Rockefeller Center, I noticed a new cycling studio called SWERVE and decided to check it out. I was instantly hooked.


SWERVE has an amazing dance party vibe mixed with genuine cooperative teamwork. Throw in flashing lights, sprints, and class rankings, and it's basically a cycling video game. I was hooked.


3. You signed up for a Wedding Membership - did you have specific goals in mind going into it?


My friend is getting married, so we decided to sign up for a membership together. I was really self conscious of having to wear a strapless dress at her bridal party. Which sounds weird... if I was self-conscious about my arms, why did I join a spin studio? Easy: SWERVE has an upper body segment in every class.


When I started at SWERVE, I was using their 2 lb weights, and I couldn't follow along with our instructors at all. Now I'm up to the 5 lb weights, and I feel challenged, but like anything is possible. Spinning is a great workout for your whole body, core and arms included.


4. What was your routine like for the four months that you SWERVED towards the wedding?


I've been at SWERVE almost every day. If I've had a stressful day helping my friend with her wedding, I walk out of SWERVE feeling completely relaxed and proud of myself. Working out pauses all of your stressed emotions and helps you think more clearly.



5. Any surprises along the way? How did you stay motivated?


In total, I've lost 70 lbs since beginning my fitness journey, the last 25 or so at SWERVE. I've had a lot of surprises. Like that time I wore my high school class ring, waved at a coworker, and it went flying off! Or when I tried on shoes and the size 8 were too bigI had to buy a size 6.5.


SWERVE has also helped me feel more active. I used to get to a crosswalk, see it had a few seconds left, and think, "eh, I'll wait for the next one." Now I don't mind sprinting across. My body feels powerful. SWERVE has helped me feel powerful.


6. Goals going forward - what's next!

In total, I've lost 70 lbs, went from an obese BMI to a normal BMI, and from a size 12 to a size 00. (Side note—I’m definitely not advocating size 00 life for everybody, but I’m really short.) All this in one year!


In the coming year, I hope to inspire others. You're beautiful any size you are, but getting in shape and building muscle is an act of self-love that only you can do for yourself. SWERVE is a great place to accomplish your goals, and I hope to see you in class soon!


Feeling inspired? Learn more about SWERVE Memberships here.

Posted Oct 27, 2017

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