Website Accessibility Statement


Our Commitment to Accessibility


At SWERVE Fitness, we are committed to accessibility, diversion and inclusion.  We believe that all of our users should be able to easily access, navigate and use, whether you use a screen reader, magnifier, voice recognition software or another kind of assistive technology.    


Accomplishing Accessibility Goals


    We set high standards for web accessibility and continuously strive to ensure that we are complying with all applicable laws and guidelines.  Our team is constantly educating ourselves and learning through training sessions with advocacy groups and experienced accessibility consultants to identify areas that need improvement.



How We Are Improving Our Website


    Here are some of the things that we have addressed to make sure our website is easy to use for all:



Contact SWERVE with Your Accessibility Questions/Feedback

    If, at any time, you have any specific questions, feedback, or concerns or if you experience any issues accessing any information on our website, please call 631-834-5566 or email us at for assistance.

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